7 thoughts on “YR865 Live from Berlin with Ceven”

  1. If Ceven still needs to buy a MBP, you can find a lot of new or almost new ones on Apple’s refurb store or on Amazon, etc with big (30% plus) discounts. They’re almost as fast as the new ones, just not so damn shiny.

    The US store:

    Or German refurb store:

    Apple allows people to return Macs if they’re bought within 2 weeks of a new model, so there are shitloads of them now and they are just a few weeks old.

  2. After seing that “The McCain-Palin Mob” clip on YouTube I don’t even care about who wins.

    “The Zone” (f.k.a. America) [kudos to Max Keiser] is beyond fucked and needs to be run into the ground on a mere matter of principles. It’s all a sick extended version of Operation Condor, The Washington Concensus and all things evil.
    F to you!

    Oh, btw, that photo is REALLY hideous!

  3. It is wired watching the McCain/Palin supporters hurling ‘European socialist’ as an insult…its just down right wired!

    Would McCain be willing to work with these terrible European socialists? Even the more conservative governments in Europe support social programmes. Has any actually pulled McCain on this?

    I find it ironic that the US right-wing seem to harp on the most about anti-Americanism of Europe when they are so clearly anti-European.

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