YR863 The Macbook K and the Rapechel Birthday

Rachel joins us for her birthday. Meet her gorgie friend Bridget Gray who has great advice. Meet the small girl who got a vaginal yeast infection playing the monkey in the movie Congo. Find out all about all the decoupage shit she received. Also, learn why the new Macbook is the first KOSHER Mac!

11 thoughts on “YR863 The Macbook K and the Rapechel Birthday”

  1. this is truly something that hurts so good. i want to listen in case there’s something good that i dont want to miss but then rachel never shuts the fuck up.

  2. everyone, please send some love christopher’s way. he is in the hospital with an issue with his heart beat. please, send him good thoughts to go home asap. they say he’s gonna be fine, we just have to get his heartrate back to normal. so if you could just hold that image in your mind, even for a moment, i would really appreciate it.


  3. Yo Racehy!
    Happy Birthday!
    I wish you would never Shut the Fuck Up. My heart dies every time you do.

    Good Vibes Christopher’s way. def.

    I have to go stab kate perry’s Vagina with lemon soaked razor blades, so good vibes for me too, yeah?


    (madge, if you can get a binding contract for rachey to keep ‘casting then I’d totes sub, hey)

  4. Happy birthday, Rachel!
    I find you to be very TLC-ing (and that’s good)!

    Get well, Christopher!
    I hope Reiki will help you recover.

    Listening to the poetry style of Rachel and that confused black man at the end is like eating cookie dough. Sweet, good and exciting in small doses but you get bloated and drowsy as a Lesbian if binging…

  5. thank you all SO much for your good vibes in all their myriad manifestations!

    my most ideal, fervent, and specific hope for chris’s health has been realized. that’s what i am TALKING about!

    the doctor just came in and said that chris’s heart beat has most definitely stabilized, and the defib (“CLEAR!”) has been cancelled, as it is no longer necessary!

    i am so grateful to all of you, and of course, chris is too.

    this place is nothing like the four seasons…i tell you…the beds are very narrow for two people. and the room service…well, let’s just say i have had better scrambled eggs. and they won’t bring us the champagne i keep ordering! so we are very much looking forward to going home.

    thanks to you all, we will be going home this evening, or tomorrow morning at the very latest…all the tests they are running this morning are looking good. we’ll know more about our exact time for return home once the cardiologist goes over everything. we await his arrival.

    chris is looking and feeling great.

    boundless gratitude and love to all of you,

  6. Happy Birthday Rachel!

    I can’t believe that ‘Happy Birthday’ song is still copyrighted… that is crazy! I much prefer your adaptation Madge, “Happy Birthday Turd You”, you should copyright that one, and the royalties could be used to keep your podcast online long after your gone, so generations can experience your lesbianess.

    My dad “listens” to me too Madge, my dad will ask questions and asks for advice or an opinion but doesn’t listen to the answers. When I detect him doing this I just give short answers, agree, or simply smirk and/or groan back in acknowledgement.. I can’t be fucked wasting my time.

    I hope Christopher is feeling better! Was it caused by all the crazy sex on your birthday Rapechel?

    1. oh. my god. that is so fucked up. straight up that sounds just like me. PLUS i just flushed $1500 BUX DOWN THE GOD DAMNED TOILET ON A MAC THAT IS NOW WORTH $899 JUST LIKE SHE SAID!!!!!!! fucking suze. should’a called her first. that is seriously fucked up, and way tooooo real.

  7. Flake bar? In my head I was picturing something a gerbil would eat.

    But walking through the Publix today, I found one! Mine had lots of arabic writing on it and I wasn’t sure I should buy it. But I did b/c Madge likes them and you know Madge loves ice creams, so…

    Verdict: eh. It was OK but I will save my money next time.

    Glad Christopher is better. Maybe it was a delayed reaction to the Mod Podge? 😉

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