The death of the Americunt soul.

13 thoughts on “YR862 FUNERAL MUSIC!”

  1. Shit sorry for being a sappy, patronizing cunt. Remember to ignore my retarded comments… i’m just an idiot foreigner! I wasn’t calling you a crazy homeless person just talking about the voyeuristic aspect of this new recording method. Feel free to print out this comment and use it to wipe your ass with though.

    I think that you could do the pay site thing but only as a last possible option. I’d pay for it but I think it’ll be difficult to get new listeners to fork up the cash.

  2. Yesterday’s show was fantastic for its stream of cuntjuiceness, I forgot to mention. And Helena was great.

    For subscriptions, maybe it would help to have extras for subscribers – like extra material, or perhaps things like HD video on Insane Films and join them together. It’s hard for me to think up specifically what, but it might help to have some sort of carrot.

    Also, you could be surprised how lots of little amounts can mount up, but you’re right in that you need to price it right.

    I think it’s most important that you maintain the freedom do the show your way as much as possible though. Well, that and be able to live, obviously.

  3. I understand your need to charge. I am thinking about what your podcast is worth to me.

    I like to hear you whine and bitch since I it echos what I feel and don’t have anyone to bitch to.

    Cobra sucks and so does guaranteed insurance which is what you are left to get once your Cobra runs out. Mine was up to over $800 per month when I finally had to drop it. Yes, we are not insured anymore. I still get my drugs but pay full price. I wish there was a generic for Effexor.

  4. Your pay site idea is good, but execution and what is free and what is member content will dramatically affect your success.
    I have always loved your show because it educates and inspires me as well as give me a role model to look up to.
    No matter what you choose to do always remember that this is YOUR show, YOUR outlet, YOUR ART! Do what you want, what we think is not as important as your vision. As you have always said, “To thine own self be true.”

      1. oooh, la snap!

        Btw, I second what Gus said! If you decide to charge, say, a penny shy of $3, that would be ideal!

        P.S. Critical Mass x $5 sounds very plausible to me! Where do I sign up?

  5. i’d pay to listen. $5 a month is more than resonable. i’d pay more than that if there were more shows/videos etc… maybe combining the films from insanefilms and yeast into one pay site?

  6. Madge, you should consider this model:

    Make the amount of progrums you make each month dependent on the amount you get the previous month. Work out how much you would need to live on – as a guess, say $4,000. (I don’t know how much your living expenses are, so I’m just pulling a number out of my Cheryl-hole).

    If you were to get $4,000 a month from your listeners, you’d agree that you’ll put out five or six long shows a week. Then if you get less, you put out less shows. If you get, say, $2,000 a month, you put out two or three shows a week and so on. You don’t have a critical mass problem this way – you can keep doing the show and it’ll make you a bit – and if people complain, you tell them to pay you more or STFU. If people want more shows, they can pay for them.

    The other problem with going ‘pay-only’ is that your audience could stop growing. It may be that all the listeners sign up and pay you $5 or $10, but if new episodes are all behind a paywall, we can’t send people links to the shows. If, instead, you say “I need this much each month, otherwise I can’t make the shows”, those of us who haven’t got large amounts can still promote the show and hopefully get you more people who could pay $5 or $10. There’ll be people like me who can give you really a maximum of $5-$7, and there’ll be people who can give you much more.

    I’ve been enjoying the show a lot: the Rachel Kann episode the other day was excellent, and I’ve enjoyed ETHS today – just going to finish it up while riding the BPH.

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