YR858 Eat Yeast Annoying as Hell

This show will destroy you. It’s pure torture.

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52 thoughts on “YR858 Eat Yeast Annoying as Hell”

  1. i wish you had put rachel kann in the title – would have saved me going through the effort of pressing play. next time i’ll read the tags first.

  2. Oh good lord!

    The abuse Madge was giving Rachel in the beginning was wonderful. She is no clueless. But will that girl every shut up?

    Christopher seems like a nice guy but there must be something wrong with him to put up with her. 😉

  3. why do people have to blow out my candle just to make theirs shine brighter?

    that’s ok.

    and perhaps you didn’t notice even though i have said it a million times…the way chris is able to put up with me is that he’s fucking DEAF you whores!

  4. this show really does suck. so will next week. and the next and the next and the next. and every yeast eating rage page and madge padge show. i tried to commit suicide by o.d.-ing on mod podge but the shit really is non-toxic. goddamnit!

    1. It did NOT suck. It was absolutely hilarious and insane – almost otherworldly with the incoherent ramblings and the bitching back and forth (it was like an old Jewish sitcom in HELL starring a matronly old dyke and her drugged out post-grunge daughter). Instant Yeast Radio classic. When I show this episode to my friends they will instantly love it. Then again, we’re Australians and for some reason everyone from my country who’s heard you loves your mod podge ass.

  5. This was the most excruciating seventy three minutes of verbal diarrhea I have ever endured in my life, but Madge was brilliant of course.

  6. Oh, the poetic irony… I’m listening to this trainwreck of a show on a train! I’m almost getting ready to jump the fuck out the window thanks to Rachel’s storytelling… Bless her heart, the Mess!

    P.S. Is it a Jewish thing to be this scatterbrained?

  7. I can honestly say that this show made me laugh a lot… but it was only because of Madge and, at the end, And-aye. I swear, rapechel is on something. She has turd bay.

    Someone should re-edit this showgrum into the little stories she tells… and cut madge out. That way we could enjoy the penis story in all of its EXTREMELy, unnecessarily, and aggressively long boringness… with each part repeated about fifteen times, many check ins to see if we understand this or that, and tangent after tangent.

    You should get a trainwreck sound effect to play in the background next week.

    PS- I also had the problem with the scar tissue and my female-foreskin. I self-injured my lyups while listening to rapechel last time, and it no longer self-peels off my clit… it just stays thar. Maybe I should get it cut back a bit.

  8. Listen up –

    I love Madge. I love Rachel and her cut/uncut Boyfriend. But she is an annoying dirty whore with obvious tire tracks on her underwear. Andy of course makes the show.

  9. I love it when people don’t add me back on Skype. It makes me feel even more like a loser. I guess I’m not special enough to get to talk to the one and the only. Whatever. I shall go on loving without being validated.


  10. Delighted to have The Kahn back.
    Madge, if you don’t interrupt and verbally flail your arms in the air ever time she opens her mouth you might find her stories are shorter 😉

  11. I’m not sure how, but it was both a train wreck and funny and excruciating and wonderful all at the same time.

    Love the Madge/Rachel interaction. Next time, I hope Andy gets more involved, though. 🙂

  12. Never in all my years as a YR listenturd have I skipped an episode as quickly as I did this one.

    She’s like nails on a chalkboard, a penis in a dyke and like bloat on a beach…. All very unnecessary.

  13. This person you were talking with was the most annoying and stupid queen I have ever heard you lower yourself to speak with. You are much to intelligent and interesting to be wasting a podcast on this shit, Madge. Do it solo baby, bet than this SCREAMING dumb queen.

  14. Well excuse me that I haven’t left the house in over 3 months and I’m lonely and going crazy. Excuse me for trying to make a friend. Excuse me for eating myself to death trying to do something more interesting than sitting in front of the computer and clicking and clicking my life away.

  15. Why are people hating on this show? I’m really enjoying it. But I think it’s because I’m in that place.

    I really want to see pictures of her man and the Madge Padged cabinet.

    1. andy,

      you are the greatest, with the best voice ever. you can see pictures of christopher passed out from boredom during the last podcast at http://eatbird.libsyn.com.

      and because i heart you, i will put some photos of the madge padge armoire there right this minute

      ex oh, ex ho

  16. I think you should maybe retitle the shows as “Shut The Fuck Up & Eat My Yeast”.

    I love Rachel Kann, she’s a bit hyper, but very entertaining.

    I loved the story about the Queefing, I was laughing out loud at 3:30am in bed. lol

    That story about the penis somehow almost made me str8.. lol

    Rachel would be perfect for tv, she can draw you into a story and keep you waiting forever for the plot come to fruition.

    Madge, you may want to consider mentioning a suicide hotline before and after these shows.. for legal reasons. lol :p

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