5 thoughts on “YR853 Suddenly Sara”

  1. Mayudge continues to do her lypseworth. She is the catalypse for the obvious vote. Sara is a quality welcome bonus. Work it, mmmoikwaay. DVD.

  2. Look, I’m voting for Obama, I understand the importance of it all, and understand what Sara is saying, but her comments about Clinton’s policy of helping uninsured children are absurd.

    The people Clinton kicked off welfare couldn’t get healthcare for their children because there weren’t any decent jobs available. There weren’t any decent jobs because Clinton continued the Reagan war against labor by approving trade policies like NAFTA and supporting globalization. He protected the insane profits of large companies while leaving American workers to compete against slaves in China.

    Obama and others had to support such help for uninsured children because the democratic leadership had aligned themselves with the same anti-human anti-worker polcies of corporate America.

    The question is, how do we amass enough voices to get Obama, if elected, to listen to us and not the corporate overlords?

    I haven’t much idea considering so many democrats are just as brainwashed about “Free Trade” and globalization as conservatives.

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