8 thoughts on “YR851 Jelly Thighs”

  1. this show reminds me of the yeast of yore. comforting and leaving me feeling like i havent showered in two days and it stinks real good.

  2. also, one side effect of this wall st meltdown today, is that all the media attention has been diverted from SP. since her nomination, the three papers i read everyday for work (wall st journal, ny times, and the observer) have had at least 1 front page story on her each. today, none of them do. maybe this is just a new york thing, being that the entire city’s focus is wall st at the moment, but i think this may be a major media switch across the country that puts the economy (and in lock-step, the war) as front issues in the media, and the campaigns.

  3. I like how you’re taking the high road with Sarah Palin. I think there is enough wrong with not only her as VP but also the current Republican power group with REAL issues without having to bring up all of the Britney/Lindsy-Inside Edition kind of stuff.

    Personally, her “this is God’s way of…” attitude is what frightens me more about her than McCain frightens me.

    Obama ’08! Keep up the good work Madge.

  4. I love it when I come to this site to leave a comment, see some insane artwork (which I never bother to look at on my cuntputer), say “WTF is that?!!”, LOL and forget what I was going to say about your pogrum.

    But I’m sure it was good, whatever it was.

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