YR850 McSenile Religion Crampy Dooty and Dot

McCain senility
Religion emotional reaction
Big crampy dump
Dot store stalker.
John McCain is Senile and Madge Weinstein is a LESBIAN

7 thoughts on “YR850 McSenile Religion Crampy Dooty and Dot”

  1. well if you’re taking religion out of it, then enough with this bullshit of senility then. by your definition of arguments against a candidate, its the same thing. take your argument about attacking her religion and apply it to your senility argument – nobody is going to care that you think he’s senile. he’s the candidate, so deal with it. argue issues of education, policy, experience etc. it doesnt matter that you dont like his age.

    good news about the dooty.

  2. Religion is an issue when it is the source of a candidates world view and also when it dictates their actions. While we have religious freedom in this country, if a candidates religion considers some citizen’s inferior or unworthy, shouldn’t we be able to question that and evaluate the candidate. Such as the Iraq war and the whole god’s will thing.

    HOWEVER Madge is right about this being another distraction. The topic of conversation should be OBAMA and his concern about real issues and having solutions.

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