YR845 And the meteoroid is a stone that’s devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee.

Deconstruction of the Rovian McBloat candidacy move. Please listen and comment! It’s important.

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17 thoughts on “YR845 And the meteoroid is a stone that’s devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee.”

  1. You’re correct.

    I would add that a significant voting block is stupid and shallow enough to say, Hey She’s Like Me, and will actively support her and McCain for that reason alone. I can’t begin to count how many Sarah Palin clones I’ve had to endure in the last month alone.

    I don’t have to tell you that there are waves and waves of absolute goddamn imbeciles in this nation that identify with the pound of stupid that is Sarah Palin.

  2. You’re absolutely right. I’m not talking about that person anymore. I’m trying to gear most of my conversations toward why Obama is better for more Americans than that other guy… Good work, Madge.

  3. Max and Stacy can take all their Gold and get them a island somewhere.
    I mean they have all the answers to everything and we should worship them!
    I would be easier if they had a island so we could keep track of them.
    As soon as France goes to crap they will leave that ship to.
    France has shity food anyways.

    Vote Obama!

  4. Al Gore discusses Obama:


    “Aug 28th, 2008

    Al Gore backs Barack Obama’s presidential nomination in front of Democratic National Convention’s uproarious crowd.

    Drawing from the failures of Bush, Gore believes Obama will “fight for smarter government, enact pro-choice policy, and provide climate change solutions,” and eventually “restoring America’s greatness.”

  5. Mind-blowing wakeup call.

    Sometimes people need a lesbian to show them the way.

    You better wakeup and pay attention America!

    Make a pact with yourself to not visit celebrity gossip websites, don’t buy any gossip magazines, stop listening to FOX News, stop pulling your puddin’ and listen to Madge, your vote is needed to make YOUR voice heard, stop this insanity.

    Politics isn’t a reality show, if you want a monkey at the wheel you can watch YouTube or “Funniest” Home Videos AFTER the election, AFTER you vote.. vote for a leader not a puppet!

    People, please remember the vote you cast is your own, it’s not your boyfriend’s, it’s not your girlfriend’s, it’s not your best friend’s, it’s not your mothers, it’s not your fathers, your uncles or your aunties, it’s not your bosses, your grandmother’s, or your grandfather’s… it’s YOUR vote, so vote for YOUR best interests not theirs. If someone makes claims about a candidate or their policy do some research, find out the truth, make an informed decision. Make the right decision.

    Maybe Vote Obama!

  6. Some may remember Sarah Palin from her work as a sexy stenographer in Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” video from the early ’80s.

    Kinda proves your point about pop culture jamming doesn’t it.

    I guess it was about as close as the Republicunts could get to nominating Brittany for vice president eh?

  7. We don’t live in a free market capitalist society. The current setup of the government is to support, promote and nurture corporations. That’s not free market capitalism; it’s a corporate welfare state.

  8. madge,

    can you post the name of the singer/song at the end of this program? i know you said it on the show but i’m having trouble finding it. thanks.

  9. your a fecking genius..i come here via bright yeller gun who sings your praises..and he’s right..i’ll be back…
    i’m going to post about this..thanks…

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