YR842 How Do You Get a Postal Worker to Say “LYPS?”

Madge leaves the house for once and talks abouts:
iphone traitors
trader joes
getting postal workers to say “LYPS”
Mt. Lesbian cruising
Mariachis in the park
Joanna Newsom LIVE!!!!
Hot menz running on your face.

Listenturd note: The Joanna Newsom story is difficult to listen to because of the wind noise but you must hear it anyway. Sorry.

18 thoughts on “YR842 How Do You Get a Postal Worker to Say “LYPS?””

  1. Hey Madge, what’s up with the YEAST2 websike? I just tried to check it out, but the browser warned me and blocked it. Is it hijacked?

  2. I have a mild case of Joanna envy now, sounds like it was really something special.

    I have no idea how to get a postal worker to say lyps, unless you could cut it out of something else with “lips” in it or, er, get them to say “lay ups” or um, right.

    Talking of which, Wilson Phillips is still ringing through my ears. It’s funny, I generally think of the 90s as being a good decade for music (probably because I’ve blanked out the shit), and then there’s that vile, repetitive and utterly nonsensical wart.

  3. just mutter something like “apocalypse” .. & she’ll be all “whaa?” .. and then u can say .. “apoc-apoca-apppoccaa-” and she’ll fill in the blank w/a resounding “LEEEEEIPS!”


  4. If your going to the Trader Joes on Lincoln the one on 1840 North Clybourn Avenue #200 is stocked way better.

  5. The movie title your Alzheimer’s was blocking is called “Atonement,” from the novel by Ian McEwan.

    My first R rated movie was “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”. There may not have been a rating system in 1966 (ask Vera), but they let me in the first time, the second time they refused because I was only 17. (I’m old like Madge.)

  6. I think you should relax about interacting with other dogs. When I take Chazzy for a walk to get ice creams and grilled cheeses she used to get really tense around other obese lesbos, but now mommy (that’s ME!) just walks with confidence and Chazzy senses that mommy is confident and she doesn’t get so upset. Picking your dog up sends a message that something is wrong and it increases the aggression behavior. Mommy (again, ME!) has been watching Its Me or The Dog on TLC. See if you can illegally download it from the bits torrents.

  7. My first R-rated movie was “The Shining.” I was probably 7 or 8 years old. Those two little girls scared the shit out of me.

    Please call again soon. I can pretend to be the butch lesbian delivery grrl from Chicago’s Pizza and you can be the supple lesbian customer who offers to swap sex for her pizza.

  8. When I’ve heard that squeak noise in Joanna songs on your show I thought it was mostly a violin fiddlestick or harp string squeaking, so is that an instrument or her voice? You said something which cuntfused on that..

  9. Joanna is just.. a beautiful human and I wish I could meet her in real life. But indeed seeing her live was really something special. Now Im going to stare at this album art.

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