YR841 Plain Girl Power

Alive in Bhagdad’s Bhagdad Brian IMPRISONED

…with Helen Gurley-Brown telling ugly girls how to get laid.

16 thoughts on “YR841 Plain Girl Power”

  1. This is the worst HGB picture yet – just imagine hitching that mini skirt up to get at the ‘gine.

    … or wrestling the whole cadaver up onto a desk at the publishers for some progressive, womynizing action.

  2. Madge, be firm of boosum, as HGB says.

    And I appreciate your spending time to talk about HIV risk. It can never be overstated.

  3. Do you get the tracksbacks spams, Mayudge? I get lots of those on two of my WOrdPresses, but no actual comment spams. Anyway, I get the same kinds as you with the drug names and the suicides. How come spam ain’t just ’bout porno no more? Uh huh. Hold on.

  4. I know you really didn’t want comments like this but amazingly honest show even if you felt completely uncomfortable doing it.

    I need to send you more music (I’m on dial-up at the moment though :() because I never want to hear Wilson Phillips ever again (even though it was hilarious). I hope Joanna Newsom was as amazing live as I hyped her up to be.

  5. Your shows lately have been rather captivating. I know where you are coming from in talking about such difficult material, but there needs to be more of it and you shouldn’t apologize for that. I’ve run into this on a personal level here and got very discouraged but nonetheless continue. There’s a lot that needs to be brought out onto the discussion table.

  6. Wilson Phillips (featuring the then-bloated Carnie a.k.a “The Fat One”) would still be around today if they had released that version of “Hold On”!

    I wonder if HGB’s advice will also work on those of the lesbionic persuasion Madge? Seems you could learn a few things from that clip.

    I too recently had a close friend sero-convert…someone who is old enough to know better and was there to witness and survive the devastation of the eighties. Still, he made that one bad decision and now must live with it the rest of his life. I blame a big part of the resurgence of the AIDS on the media. When I came out in the 80’s, it was a time of fear…and that fear worked and probably saved my life. Now you see ads in mags showing beautiful men rock climbing and sending the message that “The AIDS is no big deal! Take a pill, you’ll be fine!” It’s a huge lie. Because I was there to see the original onslaught firsthand, I have found that I have very limited sympathy for gay men who sero-convert these days. My generation did not lose tens of thousands so that the gays of today could forget about it and be irresponsible. That’s the real tragedy.

    Madge, do all Jewish women clean when they are nervous or uncomfortable?

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