YR839 Cheryl and Self-Sucking/Lapseing

Cheryl: A tanner, uglier woman, there has never been.

Also more Helen Gurley-Brown idiocy.

Retarded Hearst Publications Board Member HGB

10 thoughts on “YR839 Cheryl and Self-Sucking/Lapseing”

  1. if you cannot afford an articial vagina from amazon i can recommend ebay, they have some nice used ones on there at greatly reduced prices which didn’t take long to arrive. they have lots in different colours, capacities and speeds although you should always go by the age old motto ‘buy hairy’ as if you are not sure you can always shave afterwards. buying second hand also means you do not get that off-putting fresh rubber smell.

  2. Why do you have to have a fake vagina?

    Well, why man have to have such a sweet rectum?

    You Tube is becoming more obscene by the month…. they won’t even remove porn or deliberate animal cruelty videos.

    1. I guess given they have to take off the copyrighted content they need the freaks to post videos. YouTube is a mess, I really can’t be bothered with that shit.

  3. Madge I hope you didn’t get another yeast infection half cooking that fish then stopping it to talk with Cheryl.

    I’m very curious to know was GHB (that drug used for date rape) named after or created by HGB? Just a coincidence?

    Are you trying to put words in my prolapse? lol

    This was a great show, you should look at the “toys” with Cheryl more often. lol

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