YR833 p1Ease D0n`t wO0RrY AbOuT 1t!

Guests include Cheryl and Fandy.

take your antidepressants, bitch

12 thoughts on “YR833 p1Ease D0n`t wO0RrY AbOuT 1t!”

  1. I usually like the music, but for 15 minutes this sounded like something they play at Gitmo to break a prisoner’s will.

  2. I’m certain you have more than one appreciative listener. Count me in. I’ve been listening to your show for about as long as I have listened to Wanda’s show. Then I started listening to Cheryl, Vera, Lady R, and a bunch of others; dropped a few along the way.

    I look forward to each new show with anticipation. There is definite chemistry between you and your regulars (e.g. Cheryl, Wanda, Vera…) Usually makes for a lively and entertaining program – time well spent (almost like NPR, not really).

    Its hard to imagine that some listeners would go and hate on any podcaster. This is free entertainment people – wake up and smell the roses. Where else can you get entertainment for free?

    I guess that’s about all. Love your show. Love Eat This Hot Show – Glad to know that you and Vera don’t REALLY hate each other. Wanda is totally out of her element when disagreements arise – LOL.

    Be Well – Hug Trotsky – and keep annoying Rillz.

    All My Best,
    Veritable Virgo

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