8 thoughts on “YR825 Dull Bread”

  1. I listened to the whole thing, bitch. I thought it was beautiful music. The lyrics were difficult to understand. But the music was very emotion evoking… unlike yourself who only evokes gas.

    Get fucked kisses,

    PS – “Dull Bread” sounds like “Dog Breath”.

  2. Surprisingly good show for someone with a shit-stained toilet who’s stuck on a diet of nasty chicken and pills.

    I agree with your Karmabanque recommendation and that the world’s biggest problems are really economic now. Max and Stacey have been right all along and considering how dry the subject could be, they’re always entertaining to listen to. It helps that Max is insane.

  3. Liked the music at the end, Madge. Sounded a bit like Philip Glass. Nice tenor voice. Funny how the music already had me thinking about taking a view of things from another level before the lyrics started conveying that message.

    @Steve – it also helps that Stacy is sane 😉

  4. you played daniel johnston! and the moldy peaches!

    i am having fun listening to your show again. i took a break for a while and I forgot what I was missing.

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