4 thoughts on “YR824 Special Independance Day Sharting Special”

  1. i like hearing cheryl. this show is nice. i hope that you had a nice 4th of July in the land of the free, freedom for viacom to know peoples pornography habits.

  2. Cheryl, was that a reference of me baybay…
    bitch you tripin. i ain’t copyin you (may be a little). i was merely talkin whorenese…

    and Madge quit pullin a Cheryl, postin a grum once a month (if we’re lucky). i love you but i’m too jewy to cuntribute ;). was that offensive enough? good… just kiddin, not really. twice.

    ok, i really should lay off the diet soda… it might be the assburgers… who knows…

    p.s. i know i’m dumb. so don’t bother.
    p.s.s. love jew both honaids.

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