YR820 Angie Dickinhermouth and the Swollen Blood Engorged LYPS at the Bafroom

Lots of nice stories about my scary weekend and Monday.

Discussion of what McCain did in Hanoi before he got captured.



I will be assisting my Cousin, Dame Dooty Stench at Miss Serenity 2008. Please come!
Saturday June 21
621 W. Belmont
St. Peter’s Church
Doors Open at 7:00PM. SHow Starts at 8:00PM. Tickets are $20 donation.
This is a drug and alcohol free event benefiting The Rec Room drug/alcohol recovery center. 

Angie Dickinhermouth

26 thoughts on “YR820 Angie Dickinhermouth and the Swollen Blood Engorged LYPS at the Bafroom”

  1. Google is developing software that will alert you to whether or not your ISP is throttling your bandwidth usage based on what you do. This is to help combat net neutrality.

    What still amazes me is that people around here are still complete and total idiots. After going through 8 years of Bush people do say that we need a change. Yet, so many of them I hear saying: “I don’t want Obama who sounds like Osama.” PLEASE tell me that it’s only the South that is like that. Please tell me that in the North and West people are not as racist, bigoted, homophobic or xenophobic.

    Just the other day I had a conversation with someone and they also kept saying that Obama is going to be assassinated. I am so sick of people saying he’s going to be assassinated (regardless of whether or not it’s true). It’s disgusting! They say it so much as if the day he’s sworn into office it’s suppose to happen.

    If McCain is elected this fall I will WANT to get out of this country. I know I probably won’t be able to. But if he does I will want the hell out of here. Because he is elected I will know the country is screwed for ANOTHER 8 years.

        1. Andy, what you’d need is a train of Little Johns culminating in a Lady J.

          Alternatively, you could sew together a patchwork of Brief Reliefs and be done with it.

          The primary problem I found with the Brief Relief was that the polymer powder can work its way out of the bottom chamber of the bag, particularly if the product is inverted at any time before use. In some cases, the mouth of the bag became contaminated with the powder, which — while technically non-toxic — can irritate the skin, and can sting rather nastily if it gets into the eyes or mouth. As you might imagine, this could be a particularly serious problem for a female user.

          Speaking of females, our two feminine testers had decidedly mixed results with the Brief Relief. One succeeded in putting the product to its intended use without spillage, but only by assuming a relatively upright semi-squatting position that would probably be difficult to duplicate in most light-plane cabins. The other tester attempted to use the Brief Relief in a more normal position (i.e., a nearly-seated squat) with very unsatisfactory (and extremely messy) results. Both agreed that the need to use two hands to hold the mouth of the bag open was awkward. The consensus was that this product is probably not well suited to in-flight use by females, at least not without a good deal of practice (and a fair amount of dexterity).

          Mile High Piss Queens Unite.

    1. No Andy, people say that everywhere. I was on a trip to France and Spain with these idiots from Indiana and all they talked about was “Obama-Sama” being assassinated.

      I wanted to jump in front of a fucking train.

  2. OMG, I love your bathroom story with the Lady J and the LYPS, and Angie Dick-In-Your-Mouth! LOL

    Diet Pill Face!!!!!!!!!!!! I had TEARS in my eyes from laughing SO MUCH!

    BTW, I was at Midsommarfest at the HRC booth passing out stickers. Too bad I didn’t see the Madges!

  3. The NY Times “Select” content went back to being totally free almost a year ago . . .

    And Maureen Dowd? Really? Really? After bemoaning the fact that Gore didn’t become president in 2000, you say you like Dowd? All during 2000 election cycle she belittled the race, basically saying the difference was meaningless. And this cycle, irregardless of one’s thoughts on Clinton, her pathological hatred of Hillary is extremely inexplicable. That’s good reading? Dowd belongs on Fox.

  4. I’m proud of you for fixing the toilet. Please share your knowledge with Andy Melton so that he, too, may poop sans bucket.

    You sounded especially Jew-y today, and I really enjoyed the stories. You are one of a kind, Madge Weinstein, one of a kind.

  5. I just realised I left my last comment on the wrong post. I blame AVC, whose shows must be turning me technically inept.

    So, I actually think this show was very funny and nicely filthy. Thanks 🙂

  6. Best show ever (especially the episode name)! Your stories and their anti-punch-lines are so bizarrely wonderful – I almost died laughing when the black mens starting stroking Troksky’s lipstick and all your friend can say is “I just don’t know how to react to that”. And the lady j’s!!! A++++

    Also, how do I get a cute little avatar type thing?

  7. Good christ mary, one would think this wasn’t your job with how often you be doing this mess. Hope Doodaye Stench’s prole-form-ance goes well and that you do a god damn fucking show sometime soon. Miss jew.

    1. Cheryl is right, as usual.

      Yesturday I listened to yr031105 – “Yeast Radio – Harry, Grizelda, and Roger Smalls – 03.11.05” because my cunt had totally dried out on account of your not raining on its labial parade with a show.

  8. This has got to be the funniest show in a very long time. Madge, you are at your best when you pop out one biting insult and/or off-color commentary after another about the people in your life. I’m only 1/2 way through the episode and I had to pause it to compose myself. Great Shit!!!!

  9. Madge, you are once again on top form. I had to pause playback several times because I was breathless with laughter.

    Your description of the ladies toilet with urinals was hilarious – I never realized you lesbians were such slatternly bitches!

    Cheryl, Aunty Vera Charles and your other guests are great, but they sometimes distract you from what you do best – painting pictures with words and retelling tales from your life which allow us mere men a delicious vicarious peek into the life of a power lesbian.

    More, much more of this please.

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