YR801 A Yeast Radio PLAY: The Importance of Being Prolapsed

What started out innocently enough as a Ustream late night impromptu pogrum, turned very British and fish-mouthed:

a radio play on yeast radio

Wanda Wisdom,
Andrew Melton,
and Dame Dooty Stench

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17 thoughts on “YR801 A Yeast Radio PLAY: The Importance of Being Prolapsed”

  1. @Vera I KNEW you were going to say that! I turned on ustream friday night at 11 or 12 pm and sent a twitter message out. That was the extent of my invitation. Your presence would have been MOST welcom and enjoyable but you simply were not on line at the time. You snooze you loose!

  2. This is hilarious, I’m surprised you were recording it! Oh and does John and all those other queens now hate you and your audience for making their fag hag cry that night?

  3. “Please open your large colonic muscles and expiate your detritus into the porcelain commode.”

    Anytime I’m not in Shropshire, I’d be happy to participate in your random theatrical endeavors.

  4. Laugh out LOUD funny, thank you – I love funny Brit accents – I need to practice more. I listened to this all on the 147 bus headed downtown Chicago on a Tuesday morning. I have reached a point where I no longer stifle my laughter for the sake of other passengers.

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