11 thoughts on “YR718 Will you suck it and put it in your mouth?”

  1. Hello Madge…just wanted to let you know am still listening after all these years…favorite episode was LIVE from Miami whore house that you did almost two years ago me thinks….or was it a Miami Crack house….very funny all that time ago….enjoy your next bloaterous…

  2. You are making my mouth desire bacon. I think I could eat at least half a package of bacon, especially turkey bacon. Mmmm. Bacon. God I am hungry now.

    A 5 ounce tin of tea from Adagio is usually $8. A 10 ounce is $14 and you still have to pay for shipping. Sux. I wish there was a tea store near here. People around here think tea is gay though.

    I do have one more thing to throw about you ENB that contradicts what I said before. If you keep doing them, in the future people might actually look back and say this is great and why wasn’t I paying attention then.

    Have fun on your trip. Wish I were going on the trains with you. I love the trains.

  3. Love Dr Zurich.

    Interesting to hear your audience has grown, and not just by Andy eating more. I guess you should not look at your stats more often.

    What you said about music was true for me anyway, I often buy something I’ve heard here and a lot of it I wouldn’t find anywhere else, at least not for a while.

    e.g. A friend wrote to me not too long ago raving about Joanna Newsom and I could smugly reply “yeah, I’ve had that for about a year, did you get the first album?”

    I’m sure podcasting growth would probably suck far less if people could actually play decent music. Could still mix it up with the new and undiscovered, and that way it would be bearable. But whatever.

    I tried watching video blogs on Miro / Democracy once and felt quite ill.

  4. Hi Madge,

    I had a dream Madge, I dreamt it for you Madge…

    I just had a vision of “The best little whorehouse in Prolapse”, work it!! I see you putting Cover Girl on your lyps (the larger lyps & also the smaller lyps), and then you across the room from Cheryl holding a staple-gun at her prolapse while she jumps thru hoops of fire, prolapse-first. Hot isn’t it.. lol (No, I don’t do drugs, I just need sleep!)

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