YR286 Mertz the Whole Thing

The show for today is fun. You get Norm, Karmabanque, Nicole, Weagel w/ Calendarbank and more from the far side of idiocy. Also a major FUCK YOU to PRESDIENT BUSH.

Additionally, my take on the who invented podcasting cuntroversy.

Show notes:

Interviewed on podcast411 on 12.09.05
206.888.CUNT for comments or [email protected]
simulcast on sirius stars 103
richard simmons show on sirius is so great
Karmabanque bloated financial news
Norm Augustinus
sirius show starts
nicole and dave w. – “i’ve never loved a lesbian”
you want to eat this thing
my asshole itches
the gym
pannus can hit skinny girl in face and give bruise
macandroll podcast – ho ho whore
zack’s comment – gays in singapore
lady bunny defines equal rights on her dvd
Bush blasphemes the U.S. Constitution
Chris Weagel and Raymond Christianson mixed by Dave Calderbank
24min finally
hurts, smells, yeasts
are blogs inherently eviL? Raybond and Chris think so
Fran hates podshows ( http://blogs.opml.org/Mentalhealth/ )
Adam Curry and creative control
TiVo bought Rocketboom (can this be cuntfirmed?)
In defense of Adam Curry on the subject of who invented podcasting.
Also, please tell Rogers Cadenhead to give John Ong his ‘S’ back.
Song:Finest Specimen of Lesbian:Zeeche&DaveW

9 thoughts on “YR286 Mertz the Whole Thing”

  1. Where do people get the idea from that Adam Curry is this unapproachable guy that’s only in it for the money? I dug up this old email:

    From: Adam Curry
    Subject: Sample Rate
    Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 07:29:01 +0000
    To: Dave Calderbank
    X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.619)

    Hey Dave,

    I think today’s was at 44.1 khz, how did it sound?


    I’ve never gotten anything like that from Donald Trump, so come off it.

    And i don’t lie Madge, i’ve told you what my real deal is, even on the Yahoo whatchamacallit but you forget.

    1. Letís hold a kangaroo court in the podesphere!

      Charges against the anointed on:
      1. Re-writing history for his aggrandisement;
      2. Deleting the contribution that Dave Winer made in the development of podcasts;
      3. Making these alterations anonymously.

      Witnesses for the prosecution:
      1. PW Fenton
      2. Rogers Cadendead

      To settle the argument once and for all, or, add petrol to the flames! Either way Iím down for whatever.


  2. Gosh, guys, thanks for all the great comments! I’m just LOL-ing over all of the jokes you all made! Oh, and yes, that Cheryl certainly is the slurpy one!

    1. Bush is a dangerous drunk cunt, whoís sold his soul to the Saudi Royal family, Blaireís a wanker and Chirac is a corrupt hypocrite of the highest order without their constituency of morons they would be nobodies.

  3. Madge,

    Are you still looking for more than 24 minutes on Sirius…

    Well since you are in the top1000, they have to let you, don’t they;-).

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    The new Christian Talk channel will include such programming as ACLJ This Week with Jay Sekulow, The 700 Club with Pat Robertson, and daily shows At Home-Live! and Your Health, as well as some of the nation’s top pastors, including Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. Jack Graham, Dr. David Jeremiah, and Dr. Bryant Wright. In addition, special radio programs such as Way of the Master, a daily, two-hour program featuring actor Kirk Cameron and legendary evangelist Ray Comfort, and leading evangelical talk personalities such as Dr. Richard Land, are also featured.

    Christian Talk channel 159 is the companion to SIRIUS’ Christian music programming, which offers three commercial-free channels devoted to Christian Hits (Spirit, channel 66), Christian Rock (Revolution, channel 67) and Gospel (Praise, channel 68).

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  4. This really was a great show, Madge. (I was especially glad to hear your take on the Adam Curry controversy.) Can you check on Norm Augustinus while you’re in Florida? He sounds a little more insane than usual…


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