22 thoughts on “YR266 Eat Cunt Podshow Music Expo Wrap-Up”

  1. Rachey…I am mad at you for not calling me and letting me go to the show with you. I gave you my number….I guess I am not worthy enough to be seen with The Rapechel.

  2. Madge or Pizza Panus Babe…can you please post the link to Pizza Girl Incorporated show. If you don’t know…do you know her show’s name. I could not find her in iTunes.

  3. I LOVE Rachel’s mother. Madge, you should definitely go crash the Kann Thanksgiving dinner and show us video. I can just imagine you with a turkey leg in your mouth as you’re beating off the unwelcoming relatives.

    1. I totally agree. Is she going to audition for an Eat This Hot Show spot? I think she’d be perfect! Even better than Cheryl.

      1. You know Matt…it never occured to me…but your right, Rachel would be perfect. Also..we need some more West Coast podcasting voices..Go Rachey!

        Rachel…you got to audition!!! Do It!

        Who knows, Wanda Wisdom might have an ally against Ragan and Madge’s barbs. The power may be a shifting…ladies.

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