10 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #177- Is Murder Family Safe?”

  1. Madge, i think it’s clear what needs to be done here. Become family safe. Embrace family values, stop using that nasty language and become one of them. Stop your anger. Please Madge, step into the light! You could be like Mrs. Rogers…

  2. I think Scott meant that he talks about the issues his family faces in Japan. Im pretty sure he thinks this family safe thing is horse shit.

    Is horse shit family safe?

  3. Haven’t laughed that hard at Madge’s show in a while. Madge, you should interview more people that are on the opposite side of the spectrum.

  4. one reason why people equate bin laden and sadaam hussein is that the bush admin (rove most likely) had put that into their heads during the run up to Iraq II.

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