How to care for your vagina?

The vaginal walls are continually producing secretions necessary to provide lubrication, to cleanse the vagina, and to maintain the proper acidity to prevent infection. You will notice during different part of your menstrual cycle that your vaginal discharge will vary, (see Menstrual Cycle for more on that). The vagina tends to be fairly acidic (sperm tend to be more of a base or alkaline). The vagina is a naturally self-cleansing body part, so douching isn’t necessary to keep the vagina clean. Some women chose to use a vinegar and water douche after the end of their period, but this is not necessary. Women who like to douche, however, should do so with products that are unscented. It is not normal to have a vagina that smells like a field of flowers and can you imagine the chemicals used to create that “fragrance”… not good for you at all. If you have a ‘strange’ odor from you vagina, see a gynecologist!

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