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YR899 Eat Some Yeast with Post-menstRachel and Rilch

The post-menstrual only rings twice. 
Red Velvet Menses cake


Menstrual Blood Drinking

YR897 Save the Planet, Save the Lesbian!!

Madge Weinstein announces her stunningly simple economic incentive plan.  Lesbians know stimuli!

NO GUESTS, VERA! (bitch)

Madge Weinstein's Economic Recovery Plan for the Universe

YR896 Just a Steel Town Girl Weighing 452

Eat Yeast with Rachel Kann, Andrea Meltdown, and Cheryl Merksowski. 
Special fun as Cheryl calls for taxis and missin panny.


YR889 Hope for Green Fatty

Another calamity featuring Cheryl, Mark, and AndAIDS. Horrible and over two hours… AGAIN!

green fatty tranny eating fish while naked

YR829 Live from The Sex Worker Conference

I went to a party for the Sex Worker Conference in Chicago which was hosted by The Desiree Alliance.

I spoke with some interesting people, such as:
Tina Ray
Kitty (of Red Light District Chicago)
Stacey (organizer)
*NOT* Melissa Gira
June Gabriel (working class furry)
John Michael
Dr. Rebecca Liswood

straight men dildo sex