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YR934 I Haven’t Got any Warts on Me

A long show STARRING AUNTIE VERA, with  Cheryl Prolapse, Sofabetis, Wanda Wisdom (on her birthday), SASSY SARSI, and m(whore)!

yr934 I haven't got any warts on me

YR917 Eat Yeast Video Stream Recording from HELL!

The first ever live video stream of Eat Yeast took place yesturday. Fortunately it was a total disaster. Also, Ustream does not allow the recording of the video from co-hosts, Goddess only knows why. So as a result you only get to see me and not Rachel. You can, however, hear it.

YR910 Half Ton Grum

Cheryl is my guest. She’s a total mess as she hiccups her way through chemo. A truly tragic show. Antivir appears in order to belch. 

Cheryl Cancer Treatment gal

YR909 Abdominal Orgasms and Andy’s Thank You For Holding

 Cheryl’s ugly

Andy’s thank you for holding.
Penis fungus
JayT‘s Penus 
Andy’s pants for the 800th time
New guest- Chub Chaser Chris
Chaffing on the F’Andy
A-VER + F’Andy’s RV Talk
Carlos’ abdominal orgasms
Song by Amy Abdou 

How to have an abdominal orgasm and m(whore)

YR902 A Meeting of the Mines

Cheryl AND Aunturd Vera on the same pogrom for the first time! LIsten as YOUR AUNTIE kisses Cheryl’s ass by not calling her a dried fig even once.

urethra hat for madge

YR899 Eat Some Yeast with Post-menstRachel and Rilch

The post-menstrual only rings twice. 
Red Velvet Menses cake


Menstrual Blood Drinking

YR895 Libresbian on Acid

Auntie Vera has nothing to do with the show. She was necessary to fill the hole in the album art.

Guests include Grizelda, Cheryl, and a crazy racist acid libresbian.

Half Face Party Eat it Out Mostly YR895 Lypsie Acid Queen

YR894 Half Ton Panty

This is the weekly Eat Yeast with Rachel and Madge, obese sidekick Andy Melton, and the truly disgusting antichrist CheRILL Merkowski. Horrible grum!

fat people with dooty lyps fat men shitting