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YR1006 Transvaginal Mess

Oh fuck I hate typing the description. This show was severely disabled.

Opening song by The Joans!

Joining CHeryoil and I:
JaimAIDS Shade
Abercrombie and FAYUTT Fattie

and of course another TRUE DOOTY!


YR995 I’m Hungry!

Original Yeast- as in 1997- when Yeast Radio existed only for a few months as a real audio stream. If you don’t believe me, ask Silky Jumbo.
I should clarify- this recording is new. I just recorded it today, but it’s in the spirit of ’97 yeast. You’ll hate it of course. donate if you did or didn’t.


YR858 Eat Yeast Annoying as Hell

This show will destroy you. It’s pure torture.

CLICK HERE to Download to Your Device or Pussy

YR820 Angie Dickinhermouth and the Swollen Blood Engorged LYPS at the Bafroom

Lots of nice stories about my scary weekend and Monday.

Discussion of what McCain did in Hanoi before he got captured.



I will be assisting my Cousin, Dame Dooty Stench at Miss Serenity 2008. Please come!
Saturday June 21
621 W. Belmont
St. Peter’s Church
Doors Open at 7:00PM. SHow Starts at 8:00PM. Tickets are $20 donation.
This is a drug and alcohol free event benefiting The Rec Room drug/alcohol recovery center. 

Angie Dickinhermouth