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Yeast Radio #1142 Invasion of the Vagina Snatchers with Madge, Cheryl, and More Girls

Continuing the trend of having REAL and PROUD yeast sufferers on Yeast Radio, Cheryl and I talk to someone who had a horror of an egg shaped pod that nearly destroyed a younger middle aged-woman’s vagina! Also- how much Bite Size Networks/Mevio sucks.

Yeast Radio 1142 Bite Size Networks sucks and Yeast Infections


reliving last week (link to prolapse party) phone call fun (coin purse)
Shirley Robb is her name. Shirley.
Grizelda’s fascinating lesbian run in New Mexico
Yet another yeast victim/survivor/guest
discussion with cheryl regarding bortie disposal
bortie birthing pool (kiddie pool)
Bortie the Lovable Abortion (don’t tell)
tranny venus mons (lesbian)
black forest vagina on mayudge
garlic/acidophilus/monostat nuclear option
yogurt gyn pop
acidic vagina yeast-free?
really a lot about yeast
bitesizednetworks dish
SBB comments on Facebook
SBB talon eating at 1:30 – smells like fresh?
facebook #blashtags
holder items reviewed
double loafed pannus
Pooping Andrea
Bite Size Networks origynal CONTENT formerly mevio formerly podshow presently sux
for real popularity see http://youtube.com/mevio LAWLz !!! Millions of fans? try 4.
vertically integrated chicken
****pizzababe S&M from PME 2005****
summary- cheryl’s bbf etc
mess-up musique with LOTS of old old DT vm’s