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YR887 You Want a Piece of Meat.

featuring Berbacia Clemons and some fine singin’, readin’, and carryin’ on.

YR820 Angie Dickinhermouth and the Swollen Blood Engorged LYPS at the Bafroom

Lots of nice stories about my scary weekend and Monday.

Discussion of what McCain did in Hanoi before he got captured.



I will be assisting my Cousin, Dame Dooty Stench at Miss Serenity 2008. Please come!
Saturday June 21
621 W. Belmont
St. Peter’s Church
Doors Open at 7:00PM. SHow Starts at 8:00PM. Tickets are $20 donation.
This is a drug and alcohol free event benefiting The Rec Room drug/alcohol recovery center. 

Angie Dickinhermouth

YR774 Hospital Closings and Aunties Galore

Bmark and I discuss US hospital closings and how creepy my audience is.
We try to reach Rapechel Kann

hospital closings yeast radio bicyclemark citizen reporter twice

Show Notes Below:

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