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YR986 Christiane Amanpantypoopoer and Friends

Cheryl and Madge bring you the latest episode of True Doot, several haikus and horrible things turd discuss.
album ort by Lukes


YR969 Random MAXI Lapse Party!

Starring CHERYL PROLAPSE, Madge Weinstein, and a tiny bit of HUGEbella MOrtencloiops. Many impotent topics are disgust.

prolapse with Lady gaga who is really a man not really
prolapse with Lady gaga who is really a man not really


YR934 I Haven’t Got any Warts on Me

A long show STARRING AUNTIE VERA, with  Cheryl Prolapse, Sofabetis, Wanda Wisdom (on her birthday), SASSY SARSI, and m(whore)!

yr934 I haven't got any warts on me

YR893 To Messy to be Titled

Cheryl and I discuss disgust and then guess who comes rolling back into town as we recwhord.

Head Lyps

YR869 Eat Yeast Ice Cream Cone

with Rachel and Andy too.

YR859 Eating Out with Trannies

Join me with my tranny friends Helena and Tina Ray as we dine out at the Nookies and discuss the election and GLBT outings.

YR851 Jelly Thighs

Communist Lesbian with Ax Yeast Radio Sarah Palin

YR850 McSenile Religion Crampy Dooty and Dot

McCain senility
Religion emotional reaction
Big crampy dump
Dot store stalker.
John McCain is Senile and Madge Weinstein is a LESBIAN

YR845 And the meteoroid is a stone that’s devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee.

Deconstruction of the Rovian McBloat candidacy move. Please listen and comment! It’s important.

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