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YR844 A Yeast Video Special: Re-cession Speech

This is my follow-up to my manifesto,  which became the impetus for the current incarnation of Yeast Radio. This is unedited and therefore quite boring. A youtube-able version will appear on insanefilms.com shortly.

The best part is towards the end, so if you get bored, skip to me screaming (like at around 22:00 or so).

YR842 How Do You Get a Postal Worker to Say “LYPS?”

Madge leaves the house for once and talks abouts:
iphone traitors
trader joes
getting postal workers to say “LYPS”
Mt. Lesbian cruising
Mariachis in the park
Joanna Newsom LIVE!!!!
Hot menz running on your face.

Listenturd note: The Joanna Newsom story is difficult to listen to because of the wind noise but you must hear it anyway. Sorry.