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YR888 Trailer Trash Train Wreck

Two hours and twenty minutes of pure shit. Eight Eight Eight.
Carlos from Mexico blows snot. AndAIDS wants a trailer like Vera.
Rachel is cruising Homo Depot glory holes.

YR884 Clitorides

A Jew and Fatty studded cast featurdring Rachel Kann, Mrs. Rachel, Andaids Melton.

YR882 Eat Yeast wtih Red Velvet Cake

Another mess. This show is really stupid, like most. Also, hear about Tibetan singing bowels.

YR873 Three Messes Eating Yeast (NaPodPoMo 6)

This is almost 2 hours of shit. Enjoy it if you are a masochist or a moron:


YR863 The Macbook K and the Rapechel Birthday

Rachel joins us for her birthday. Meet her gorgie friend Bridget Gray who has great advice. Meet the small girl who got a vaginal yeast infection playing the monkey in the movie Congo. Find out all about all the decoupage shit she received. Also, learn why the new Macbook is the first KOSHER Mac!

YR858 Eat Yeast Annoying as Hell

This show will destroy you. It’s pure torture.

CLICK HERE to Download to Your Device or Pussy

YR855 Lyps Stuck with Rachel Kann

Rachel is back! Listen to this 90 minute extrafaganza.

ps here’s the info for the show
send people to laphil.com
tell them to click on sep 28th
i am performing in the SECOND daKAH set
in disney concert hall
it’s free