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Yeast Radio #1082 Another Suitcase and Another Grumm

Big decisions for a big lesbian… and her dog.


POST SCRIPT: The glitch of static you hear at around 5:00 is the result of yet another glitch in Ableton Live. The glitch is nowhere to be found in my source project yet when ableton rendered the .aiff file, it was created.

Ableton has really been fucking up my shit lately. My last two podcasts had to be redone multiple times to do total crashes of the software. I created tech support cases and Ableton has not responded to me at all other than assigning me a case number. I have tweeted at them with no reply other than i should contact tech support (which I have already done of course.)

I have used Ableton since version 4 in 2005. THe company was always responsive and helpful…. until now.

This is how desperate I am- that I have to complain about them in my podcast blog in the hopes of finding a solution.

Sad what happens to some companies when they achieve financial success. 🙁