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YR940 More Tales from the Shitter with Hagatha the Wretched

Disgusting Hagatha reveals that she is even more disgusting than previously thought. Cheryl Prolapse inturdviews her about her horrible life. AuntAIDS Vera shows up drunk as fuck to get shat upon again and again. Terrible grum mostlAIDS.

Ugly + Ugly = 3xUgly

YR832 I Will Not Associate with the LYPS of You!

get fucked

i like food and madge weinstein and i am fat

YR774 Hospital Closings and Aunties Galore

Bmark and I discuss US hospital closings and how creepy my audience is.
We try to reach Rapechel Kann

hospital closings yeast radio bicyclemark citizen reporter twice

Show Notes Below:

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