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YR903 I don’t know what to call this Eat Yeast

Rachel and AndAIDZ bore me to death while I binge on ranch. 

Rachel Kann Hat Aretha Franklin


YR895 Libresbian on Acid

Auntie Vera has nothing to do with the show. She was necessary to fill the hole in the album art.

Guests include Grizelda, Cheryl, and a crazy racist acid libresbian.

Half Face Party Eat it Out Mostly YR895 Lypsie Acid Queen

YR879 The Grapes of Rhoid

Special Ed guests include Cheryl Prolapse and Grizelda
And find out what’s goin’

YR877 Grizelda Meets Roidy (NaPodPoMo 10)

Maxi pads for anal prolapse? Yes.
Learn more.