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YR1316 Hate Trumps Hate

Messy post election grum with technical problems and suck.

YR993 My Wound Was Severely Infected

special healthcare vagina monologue
and a special surprise (RARE) guest appearance


YR872 We’ll Have A Celebration the Prolapsed Way ( NaPodPoMo 5 )

I was just a few hundred feet from Barack when he accepted his presidency. Here are my reflections.

Thanks to Dr. Dan Burger for getting me a golden ticket to this event.

HERE are some pictures I took at the event. Video will be posturd soon at insane films.

YR870 Support My Lyps NaPodPoMo 3

Support our troops?

YR865 Live from Berlin with Ceven

Filmmaker and friend Ceven talks with me about America from over there and his first feature film.

YR846 Thank Goodness!

Imagine the day that’s totally Wicked Witch free!

YR844 A Yeast Video Special: Re-cession Speech

This is my follow-up to my manifesto,  which became the impetus for the current incarnation of Yeast Radio. This is unedited and therefore quite boring. A youtube-able version will appear on insanefilms.com shortly.

The best part is towards the end, so if you get bored, skip to me screaming (like at around 22:00 or so).