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YR929 Gristle Fatty with Edemis

So this is a nice discussion with Cheryl Prolapse and eventually Chris Weagel about Gristle Fatty and other impotent topics. Lyps is good but don’t let em rule you life. I’m sixty now. Send me money via paypal. See the side bar of yeastradio.com.
Ever seen a man with edema on his penis? I have. We discuss.

YR863 The Macbook K and the Rapechel Birthday

Rachel joins us for her birthday. Meet her gorgie friend Bridget Gray who has great advice. Meet the small girl who got a vaginal yeast infection playing the monkey in the movie Congo. Find out all about all the decoupage shit she received. Also, learn why the new Macbook is the first KOSHER Mac!

YR786b Madge’s Ness

with Andy Melton and Chris Weagel… eventually.

fat man bike van broken