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YR858 Eat Yeast Annoying as Hell

This show will destroy you. It’s pure torture.

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YR830 Under a Blood Red Fatty

Grizelda is in “studio” and Cheryl not Breryl is on the phone.
We discuss:
Red Fatty
Our visit with Wanda and watch her eat bacon chocolate bars.
Cheryl or Vera… who’s dumber?
Zipper Neck
Harley Hoverround
Jean Burrito
Dull Bread
Andy Melton‘s lawsuit (and fat).

YR823 Let’s Put Some in Your Pussy and I’ll Eat it Out

gay podcaster meetup chicago


Cake in Cunt
Colon Cuntents
Flatowitch Yeast Theme
David Cerda’s staged readings

Podcasturd Gatherings
RadioPeter Party
Caring/Not Caring

773 Podcast
Tomatoes are extinct
Justinfeed‘s Possible CODA Issues
Blesbian Weave Pulls
Cher (euw)
Ramble Redhead
Matt Blend Turd
Parade Pathos
Bitter, Table for Lesbian?
Cosmetic Surgery Pride
Melton‘s New Career
Equals Day

YR817 Don’t SLYP!

Cheryl Mercowski and her Colon Cleanse
Bicyclemark live from The Killing Field
Andy Melton

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UPDATE: CLICK HERE to watch the video about carfuckers that Roger Smalls mentioned.

YR801 A Yeast Radio PLAY: The Importance of Being Prolapsed

What started out innocently enough as a Ustream late night impromptu pogrum, turned very British and fish-mouthed:

a radio play on yeast radio

Wanda Wisdom,
Andrew Melton,
and Dame Dooty Stench

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YR776 Thumbelina

I have no idea why I called this that.
With Andy and Chrys, and a special message from the banned and tanned one.

Why Apple’s Compressor sucks so much and why Apple hasn’t fixed it in all these years.
Someone please hack my Samsung Katalyst.

State of journalism Wired “Article.”

New Zeeche Song too.

andy  melton andynotandrew.net

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