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YR896 Just a Steel Town Girl Weighing 452

Eat Yeast with Rachel Kann, Andrea Meltdown, and Cheryl Merksowski. 
Special fun as Cheryl calls for taxis and missin panny.


YR894 Half Ton Panty

This is the weekly Eat Yeast with Rachel and Madge, obese sidekick Andy Melton, and the truly disgusting antichrist CheRILL Merkowski. Horrible grum!

fat people with dooty lyps fat men shitting

YR891 Welcome to the Septic Dollhouse

fat men shitting

YR889 Hope for Green Fatty

Another calamity featuring Cheryl, Mark, and AndAIDS. Horrible and over two hours… AGAIN!

green fatty tranny eating fish while naked

YR888 Trailer Trash Train Wreck

Two hours and twenty minutes of pure shit. Eight Eight Eight.
Carlos from Mexico blows snot. AndAIDS wants a trailer like Vera.
Rachel is cruising Homo Depot glory holes.

YR883 Hellina, Sara, Gus, Matt, Rilch, and F’Andy

Lots of gayls chatting turday. Tragic as per usual.

YR882 Eat Yeast wtih Red Velvet Cake

Another mess. This show is really stupid, like most. Also, hear about Tibetan singing bowels.

YR873 Three Messes Eating Yeast (NaPodPoMo 6)

This is almost 2 hours of shit. Enjoy it if you are a masochist or a moron: