FAQ- How can I subscribe to a podcast? What in the heck is this podcasting business?

CLICK HERE to download an .mp3 file with me, Madge Weinstein, explaining some basics about podcasting. This is intended for newcomers only so that you may understand how to subscribe to Yeast Radio and other podcasts. If you don’t know how to listen to an .mp3 file, try right clicking on this clink and clicking play. Otherwise, you can download it to your desktop and then double click on it. If you still can’t download it, find the most neurotic computer expert you know and ask him/her “How can I listen to an .mp3 file on my computer? I can’t get it to work,” and enjoy his/her reaction.

Love Madge,
A Woman of Luna

Sorry, Charlie!

This weekend, the livejournal outage forced me to hurry my switchover to movable type and so I am finished. This is a totally new web site and all the links have changed even though I imported all the old entries. As a result, your downloader thingie may try to download some of my older shows. If this happens, just listen to them again.

Love Madge,
A Woman of Luna
(Yes, I really am a Woman of Luna. I am from The Moon, asshole!)

For Immediate Release

January 15, 2005 Chicago, Illinois–Madge Weinstein- saucy, outspoken breast
cancer survivor and opinionated lesbian activist is taking talk radio
by storm! Hear her intimate and insightful pronouncements on love,
life, and vaginas via her podcast radio program located at

“You may not know me if you don’t read the tabloids, but I’m a very
famous lesbian” – Madge Weinstein
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She is like the fat one in Dreamgirls.