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YR901 PrEP Queen- Bug Chaser or Purist?

A very special yeast including a secret guest who candidly discusses why he has been taking a full HIV cocktail for months, even though he’s HIV Negative!

“Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow lies the seed that with the meth queen in the spring becomes the AIDS.”

YR891 Welcome to the Septic Dollhouse

fat men shitting

YR887 You Want a Piece of Meat.

featuring Berbacia Clemons and some fine singin’, readin’, and carryin’ on.

YR833 p1Ease D0n`t wO0RrY AbOuT 1t!

Guests include Cheryl and Fandy.

take your antidepressants, bitch

YR797 You Don’t Want Anything in the Male?

messy real messy
with andy, vera, cheryl, and MANY more!



food pyramid with china madge yeastradio

YR786b Madge’s Ness

with Andy Melton and Chris Weagel… eventually.

fat man bike van broken

YR774 Hospital Closings and Aunties Galore

Bmark and I discuss US hospital closings and how creepy my audience is.
We try to reach Rapechel Kann

hospital closings yeast radio bicyclemark citizen reporter twice

Show Notes Below:

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YR763 There Will Be Lyps

This pogrum is longer than that dreadful movie, “There Will Be Blood.” Plus, it’s clean blood and cuntains Cheryl Merkowski, Max Keiser, Andy Melton, Auntie Vera, Chris Weagel, bicyclemark and other messes I think.

yeast radio fat girl

YR762 Scobelizer Returns and Mesures His Stomach Live on TV

Famous Blogger Robert Scoble blows wind about how interesting he isn’t.

Other guests include:
Bicycle Mark
Chris Weagel
Yeast Tea

Show Notes After the Break:
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