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YR676 Lyps on a Hot Tin Prolapse with Special Guest Whores from THE EUROPES!

Some very special people flew all the way in from THEUROPES for Trotsky’s turd birthday! We drove round and made fun of people’s thighs rubbing.


direct download of this show for retards

The Sloerie Source

The Bridge Art Fair, London feat. work by h

YR599 He won’t even buy you some shwimp at Long John Silvers for 599

Monday in the park with Madge. G.F.

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Madge had a great visit with the Dawn and Drew.

One shouldn’t waste one’s death on the mosh pit.

Cheryl really is a whore.

Phantom flashback with the Little Lotte.

Check out Helena Handbasket’s Jesus song on Insane Films – very funny.

Matt Blender is trying to cure the aids.

It’s nice when a murderer tells the truth.

Mt. Lesbian climbing with thought on Sarcozy and the EU.

Dike on a bike and vagina grabbing by Dawn.

Madge is going to tape David Cerda’s show tonight that will star Merrie Greenfield.

Today’s show was inspired by the Boy Novice.

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Take a listen to Wanda Wisdom discuss the -ism’s.