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YR896 Just a Steel Town Girl Weighing 452

Eat Yeast with Rachel Kann, Andrea Meltdown, and Cheryl Merksowski. 
Special fun as Cheryl calls for taxis and missin panny.


YR888 Trailer Trash Train Wreck

Two hours and twenty minutes of pure shit. Eight Eight Eight.
Carlos from Mexico blows snot. AndAIDS wants a trailer like Vera.
Rachel is cruising Homo Depot glory holes.


The death of the Americunt soul.

YR861 An Exorcist of Dooty

This pogrom was capturd entirely using an ipod touch 2g and a Belkin iPhone headset.

YR846 Thank Goodness!

Imagine the day that’s totally Wicked Witch free!

YR842 How Do You Get a Postal Worker to Say “LYPS?”

Madge leaves the house for once and talks abouts:
iphone traitors
trader joes
getting postal workers to say “LYPS”
Mt. Lesbian cruising
Mariachis in the park
Joanna Newsom LIVE!!!!
Hot menz running on your face.

Listenturd note: The Joanna Newsom story is difficult to listen to because of the wind noise but you must hear it anyway. Sorry.

YR676 Lyps on a Hot Tin Prolapse with Special Guest Whores from THE EUROPES!

Some very special people flew all the way in from THEUROPES for Trotsky’s turd birthday! We drove round and made fun of people’s thighs rubbing.


direct download of this show for retards

The Sloerie Source

The Bridge Art Fair, London feat. work by h