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YR1008 Share Your Orgasticness

One Lyp. The other Lyp.
true dooty
mrs. miller original song
zeeche 2x
the joans song
abcrombe and fayutt
rectal hangupp


YR949 Did the iPhone Jump the Lyps?

What about that? Iphone shark jump?
Hi tech tagging? LYps?
Guests include AidsRYL and Schrockbella MortenSHTEIN
also a discussions aon HEALTHCARE OBAMACARE



also special Aidsy Queen song written by JaimAIDSshade performed by LYPSIE VON LYPS

skydiving mytouches

or is NickStarr on Meth?


YR579 NJ Woman

Work that hatchback BAY BAY!

Podshow Plus Beta: Better. Faster. Stronger.
Podshow+ Free Podcast Hosting

Podcasting that is so killer, it eats your mom out!

Visit– be creative and buy lots of domain names!
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Brief statement from Richard.

Music from Mr. Zeeche

Music ala lesbo.

For Immediate Prolapse!

Podcasting pioneer and noted philanthropist Madge Weinstein of Podshow and Yeast Radio fame is in critical condition in a Guadalajara hospital following a botched combined liposuction and gastric bypass operation. Arguably fat, but not clinically obese, the outspoken shock jock was forced to head south of the border in quest of less ethically committed medical professionals to perform the risky surgery. While the situation is certainly grave, Weinstein seemingly intends to extend her philanthropic legacy beyond her time on this mortal coil. Her already prepared will provides for her usual pet causes of breast cancer and chronic female problems but makes unusual bequest to one of her radio peers.

The faltering radio starlet rasped from her hospital bed, “To my esteemed colleague Rush Limbaugh I leave six unfilled prescriptions for painkillers and all that fat they just sucked out of my ass!” She lapsed back into unconsciousness before confirming rumours that she was donating her vagina to Dr. Laura.

While fans and friends worldwide are praying for her recovery, Podshow and Yeast Radio will soldier on. Richard Bluestein will be sitting in the host’s chair for the foreseeable future. Bluestein is philosophical, “While it is hard to imagine a world without Madge, it is impossible to even consider a world without Yeast”. Tune into Yeast Radio—- and for other fun podcasts.

Attention: Dildoheads

For Immediate Release

Who’s the Hottest Thing in Podcasting?

June 11, 2005- CHICAGO,IL- Big mouthed fatso, Rush Limbaugh, declares himself “the hottest thing in podcasting” but how does that sit with
true podcasting innovator Madge Weinstein?

“Every one knows I am the hottest thing in podcasting,” says the fiery lesbian firebrand, “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat slob. If he wants to post the
video clips of him and Matt Drudge sucking cum from Rick Santorum’s ass, I’ll gladly hand over my crown.”

Madge smells a conspiracy.

“He has been copping my shtick for years and he is late to the party as usual. Prescription drugs? HELLO? Been there, done that! Kissing Republican ass? Christ, I went down on Nancy Reagan! Podcasting? Not on my watch, after all, I put the BROAD in BROADBAND.”

But aren’t we talking about one of the legends of media?

“Yeah, he is like a bad cartoon. They should put him in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a balloon, he’s already pre-inflated and
high…on Oxycontin. Next thing you’ll know, he’ll be claiming he’s a homosexual and that he’s managing a rock band called T and the Bags.”

Madge is throwing down the gauntlet.

“I have a standing offer for Lard-ass Limbaugh to appear on Yeast Radio. Let’s see if he is man enough for a lesbian like me.”

About Madge Weinstein:

You are undoubtably familiar with Madge as manager of the popular Grrrl rock band, Goddess Riot Juice. Her unique perspectives on everything from Lesbian Feminists of Color to Vaginal Yeast can be heard in her podcast and on Sirius Radio channel 148. She is single and lives in Chicago with her dog, Chauncey. Young ladies, check out her podcast, Madge is proudly part of the Adam Curry’s team.

About Rush Limbaugh:

Limbaugh is a big fat fuck who has his domestic help score drugs for him. A racist, sexist, homophobic bully, this clown managed to get out
of going to Viet Nam because he had a cyst on his ass.

For more information contact [email protected]



Gentle Audience,
I am pleased to announce a secunt channel of Yeast Radio. I give you

I just posted the first show for yeast2. It’s a guest soundseeing tour by Heather Marie at Fausto‘s birthday party.

Yeast2 will be a different from Yeast Radio in that it will have less structure. I will use it for “miscellaneous” audio and extra strange stuff. Actually I don’t know what I will do with Yeast2.

It’s also an experiement in WordPress and, excitingly, I have enabled THREADABLE COMMENTS!

So enjoy and any suggestions are welcome. As always, you can email me at [email protected] or call 206.888.CUNT.

For Immediate Release

Win an iPod, Fight Vaginal Yeast with Madge Weinstein


CHICAGO, IL- February, 21, 2005–What’s loud, cheap, easy, and has
revolutionized the music industry?

If you are thinking legendary rock manager and lesbian activist Madge
Weinstein…think again! Apple’s ubiquitous iPod portable music player
has finally surpassed Madge Weinstein as the gadget on everybody’s
lips. In keeping with her “if you can’t beat ’em join em” philosphy
Madge will be giving away an IPod shuffle (512mb version)
every week to a lucky listener of her Podcast. For five
consecutive weeks, beginning March 1st, 2005, attentive listeners will
be given the opportunity to win a special Madge Weinstein edition
iPod. The iPod comes loaded with the initial Madge podcasts that
ignited a talk radio firestorm. These podcasts are rare and
unavailable anywhere else. In addition the custom “MadgePod” has
other unique features.

“These are hot,” says the outspoken Madge, “Those pretentious wankers
in U2 might have fancy laser etching on their iPods, but I personally
guarantee that each of these have been rubbed on my vagina!”

Only listeners to Madge’s Podcasts at
will be given this exclusive opportunity. You need to listen to win!

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. In addition to being a lesbian
entertainment mogul, Madge Weinstein is known as a generous
philanthropist on behalf of divergent charities. By giving away free
iPods, Madge Weinstein hopes to draw attention to one of her pet
causes–Vaginal Yeast!

“This might seem hard to believe but more people actually suffer from
Vaginal Yeast than own iPods.” the modest maven contunues, “I am just
trying to do my part towards reversing that trend.”

How can you help? Wash often, wear cotton panties, and listen to Yeast
Radio…you might just win a free IPod.

About Madge Weinstein:
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For Immediate Release

January 15, 2005 Chicago, Illinois–Madge Weinstein- saucy, outspoken breast
cancer survivor and opinionated lesbian activist is taking talk radio
by storm! Hear her intimate and insightful pronouncements on love,
life, and vaginas via her podcast radio program located at

“You may not know me if you don’t read the tabloids, but I’m a very
famous lesbian” – Madge Weinstein
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