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YR873 Three Messes Eating Yeast (NaPodPoMo 6)

This is almost 2 hours of shit. Enjoy it if you are a masochist or a moron:



The death of the Americunt soul.

YR847 From Buchwald to Buchenwald UPDATED

A show with a special guest DJ: Nameless Old Person.
UPDATE: Here is the link to the episode in which Norm called Art Buchwald

YR765 Berbacia Clemons Beryl Nader and Ralph Maudling and Antivir

Antivera joins me as we try a new live streaming web sike. Justinfeed, A strip club dj who won’t strip, and someone at work joins us too.
And Berbacia tells us about her Rodney Kings moment.

ANd Straight Chris eats out Norman Finkelstein

UPDATE: I’ve never seen more Twitterds agree on something to this extent.

YR756 New BrownShirts USA

Enjoy talking about pop culture while corporations form a huge alliance with the FBI to allow them to kill you during marshal law. Amy Winehouse is more important than global warming. Don’t worry.

YR695 What? oh. Excuse me…

More sex ed and gospel lyps.

stick through this one… a nice new song from Amy at the end.

directlink to media

Show Notes by Enzo Sant’Ella:

Salute the vagina.  No, you didn’t say that.

Rub it.  Lick it.  Scrub it.  Stick it.

Alexyss Tylor/Dr. Liswood techno mix.

Right, right …

Madge is doing this in real time.

Madge is sick with laryngitis.  Get fucked.


Music from some acronymed Sri Lankan.

Gospel music, testifying.

Voicemail from Andy about serving food attractively.


My cousin from Red Bank, New Jersey.

Voicemail from Andy about squirrel dishes.

Whose lyps hurt more than Andy Melton’s?


Voicemail from Oprah and friends.

Oprah’s minge added Madge on Twitter.

More techno.

Madge wishes she were black.

Subliminal messages: send Madge money; rishey at hotmail dot com is
Madge’s PayPal.

Money honey.

Lyps lyps lyps lyps lyps lyps lyps.

Do you like the way your penis feels rubbing against your pants?  Then
send Madge money.

Lyps lyps lyps.

Don’t send Alexyss Tylor or Mama money—she’ll just spend it on gubment cheese.

Until prolyps do we part.

Extended mash-up.

Leopard sucks.

Amy’s cover of a David Bowie song.

It matter what dick and nut think.