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YR1320 Made Me Grum

Yeah a grum.

YR1319 Another Grum Bites the Dust

Don’t remember.

YR 1318 Technical Disaster: Not on Crimmus

Yes this one is quite a mess.

YR1317 Trump Voters take Seroquel with Angelina Ballerina

Fun times in Trump denial.

New Recording 502037826235

Welcome to another episode of my podcast.

YR1316 Hate Trumps Hate

Messy post election grum with technical problems and suck.

YR1315 Who fucking knows?

This grum was recorded before the election and includes Cheryl, Debra and Madge. Eat us.

YR1313 Turd Debate

The girls cover the turd presidential debate.

YR1312 Blah Blah Eat it

I have no idea. WE did this a few weeks ago.


YR1311 Steal This Grum

It’s been a few weeks since this was recorded. It was nice.