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I wish bloated started with an f or an s something so I could make a hipper looking word out of it like phloated or psyloated. I’ll never be hip. That’s the problem with us Jews, even when we’re famous we’re not hip.

I Shat My Bloat

Ladies, I just shat my bloat in the cleaning woman’s rest room again. All the lentyls I made last night seem to have bloated me up and now left my bodice. Papa, can you hear me?

You know what I hate about Hannukunt? I hate living in the goyish midwest during alienation season. Hannukunt passes by like the wind and none of my goyish coworkers say shit about it. Then it’s time for THEIR fucking holliday and they’re all, “HAPPY HANNUKUNT, MADGE!” I’m like, “FUCK YOU, WHORES!”

Christ, I need a malted.

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The Remote Cluntrol Posting

This is my very first post via the email. Let’s see, I’m sitting
here in my hi-rise office waiting for one of my girls to eat my Suzy
out. I hope she doesn’t have any genital warts on her face this time. I
hate when some hot bitch wants to eat my Suzy but she has the HPV all
over her collagen enlarged lips.