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YR771 Madge is Insane. Guests Chris Weagel and Max Keiser

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Guests include
Chris Weagel
Max Keiser
Show Notes:

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YR768 Salvation from Eternal Damnation

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YR766 Any AIDS for Fats?

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YR763 There Will Be Lyps

This pogrum is longer than that dreadful movie, “There Will Be Blood.” Plus, it’s clean blood and cuntains Cheryl Merkowski, Max Keiser, Andy Melton, Auntie Vera, Chris Weagel, bicyclemark and other messes I think.

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YR758 Bicylemark on the FISA Bill, Gold, and More. Also Auntie Vera is abused.

bicyclemark of
Auntie Vera

NOTE TO AUNTIE VERA: please email me [email protected] I cunt find your email.

YR757 Max Keiser and the Not So Great Depression

Max Keiser of KarmaBanque Radio and Al Jazeera English is my guest for the hour. We talk about the looming and worsening financial crisis and how pretty I look.

KarmaBanque Radio
Max on Al Jazeera English
Article: Depression risk might force U.S. to buy assets