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YR1209 Virtual Rape Starring Ben Affleck Full Frontal Sony Pictures Slim Jegging

We have a nice grum for you here. Some nice calls and some BEN AFFLECK FULL FRONTAL.
yr1209web ben affleck full frontal
Show Notes:
ma petite
Aborting skin tag babies
china songs
slim jiggings
week long chokkn cruise
panty party
square heyudd next time in album ork also deurr smayuull
vegan camp camp
ben affleck full frontal
bill cosby rape
“you have no life have a good night”
panty odor from yoga at the coc0d0rm

YR1207 Jello Pudding Rape is the new Travon Martin Shooting

my names jasmine i am alladin
Hi, Honey. This is a good grum with the three GIRLZ. You will enjoy.
Show Notes:
Sometimes, in this cruelly unpredictable and harshly lonely society we all share, we find a rare friendship that transcends all other bonds in our lives. So is the fortune that blesses Patti and her chosen companions, Madge, Cheryl and Debra.

Already running late for their intimate dinner soirée with Bill Cosby, Patti finds the girls having an impromptu dance off to
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A new YEAST with Cheryl Merkowski, Debra Wilkerson, and Madge Weinstein. Look forward to show notes soons!NO NO NO NO™
yeast radio no no no no no no no
SHOW NOTES (by Brine):
The rapid clacking of jewel-toned fingernails fills the air as Bruce Jenner taps phone numbers into his iPhone 6+ (to make his hands look smaller). “Madge! Cheryl! Hi! I’m calling you gals to invite you to my transgender themed soirée at my Malibu waterfront home. I’ve just had it completely redesigned with and eclectic mix of Martha Stewart designs and Oprah’s wonderful kitchenware. I could not get Debra to answer. I just got a quacking voicemail message. So please pass along the invitation.”
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YR1204: ALS Rape

Not only to we help the cause ALS Rape Awareness™ (along with the ice bucket challenge of course), but we also delve quite deep into Transmanism. Is that a word? Find OUTK on this FOUR HOUR episode of Yeast Radio!
y1204web als rape

YR1203: Ate Grankeeds

She got ate granKEEDS.
More fun with Debra, Cheryl and myself. Someone make show notes pls..
she got ate grankeeds yeast radio yr1203

Show Notes:
Debra is a fancy racist with a chauffer
Cheryl was in an elevator that smelled like a McDonald’s salad
Madge is eating a non-vegan salad
Crab Vagina is the only vegan listener
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YR1202 Taco Bloat Shitting

More than just taco bloat is disgust in this star studded grumhole. Ragan Fox joins Cheryl Merkowski, Debra Wilkerson, and myself for a fun combination of GURL talk and MEAN spirited prank calls. HOTLINE!
yeast radio 1201 ragan fox madge weinstein debra wilkerson cheryl merkowski
Madge’s family got the cleaning lady a Samsung phone
Madge only accepted 2 hookers from the duerm
Wanda Wisdom is not ready to do ETHS yet
Madge’s nephew got the wrong tamale
Debra’s calls to Fussy Taco Burrito Kings
Cheryl calls Fussy Taco Burrito Kings
Show and tell
Pat’s nephew peed in the church bushes
Cheryl saw a CNT license plate
Priests for Life
Debra calls for an interview
Debra calls Flying Fish
Leaked racist Sylvia audio!

Donations rundown part 1
Madge can’t decide where to shit
Andy Melton’s birthday yesterday
Madge shits for a voice message
Yeast Rado 10th anniversary in November
This American Life discusses venture capital
Debra calls a party line
Ragan calls a man and fails at being a woman
Debra calls a man, Cheryl scares him off
Debra calls a #N0ABORT hotline

Cheryl calls a restaurant
Cheryl calls a pharmacy
Ragan goes to bed
Donations rundown part 2
Madge’s old coworker quote
Girlfriend/Boyfriend discussion
Madge’s airplane woes
“Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley
Madge and Debra chit chat and Leo Laporte
Madge switched hosting for Yeast Radio
Debra goes to bed
“Hitler in My Heart” by Antony and the Johnsons
Techno and cycling

More techno and cycling

YR1201 Apple Watch Trout-Filled Waterbed

A wildly different Yeast Radio Group Grum (not really) as Debra, Cheryl, and I make some nice girl talk followed by calls to our usual “friends” and some new ones! Hint: Apple Watch. Hint: Trout. Hint: FEEESH
yeast radio 1201 with madge weinstein cheryl merkowski debra wilkerson

Today finds Madge, Cheryl and Debra on a mini-vacay heading to the apple event with tickets provided in an elegant and foreboding invitation. Failing to get a room at The Peabody which was filled due Cindy McVain’s personal obsession with sexually charged swirls of corkscrew shaped duck penises, they find all the other hotels packed to bursting with rotund, nerdy types who’s social skills barely rival those of Nell played by Jody Foster.
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