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YR734 1cheryl2ugly

live show recording with lyps
Guest: Cheryl Merkwoski

I did want to give a link to the listneturds of the picture we were referring to when the blog TV censwhored madge. It be right here:
And the vidyos:
BBW Measures Afturd Bloat
Fatman Eats Chickenz
Fatman Shaves HIs Boobz
BBW Fat choc sundae belly and thighs
Horse Peeing [From Chris]
And……..(plz) GET FUCKED! =)

Next Live Show will be Monday 01.14.08 at 11:00am Central Time. Look at at that time for the link.

There may be some impromptu shows as well so I can test different streaming technologies. If someone knows of a decent simple chat client I can embed (easily) in a web page, please email me [email protected]

Follow me on twitter to find the imprompu shows.

YR732 An hour with Robert Scoble, Cher (not cheryl), BicycleMark, and Wanda Wisdom

Broke my gine!

Guests included:
Robert Scoble‘s and his stomachs
Wanda Wisdom of Lucky Bitch Radio
Cher of PNS Explosion
Bicyclemark of Citizen Reporter

YR731 Robert Scoble, Norm Augustinus, Cheryl Merkowski, Bicyclemark, and Michael Schaap

Another Lesbian caucus and earth shattering news about ROBERT SCOBLE.
guests include Cheryl Merkowski, Bicyclemark, and Michael Schaap.

AND another yeastradio exclusive from Norm Augustinus!