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YR936 Blue Kitchen Panny Pooping for the Day

Panny pooping with spatulas, Cheryl, and Madge.

Special blue kitchen panty pooping

YR901 PrEP Queen- Bug Chaser or Purist?

A very special yeast including a secret guest who candidly discusses why he has been taking a full HIV cocktail for months, even though he’s HIV Negative!

“Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow lies the seed that with the meth queen in the spring becomes the AIDS.”

YR894 Half Ton Panty

This is the weekly Eat Yeast with Rachel and Madge, obese sidekick Andy Melton, and the truly disgusting antichrist CheRILL Merkowski. Horrible grum!

fat people with dooty lyps fat men shitting

YR882 Eat Yeast wtih Red Velvet Cake

Another mess. This show is really stupid, like most. Also, hear about Tibetan singing bowels.

YR877 Grizelda Meets Roidy (NaPodPoMo 10)

Maxi pads for anal prolapse? Yes.
Learn more.

YR867 90 Minutes of The Ugliest Woman in Podcasting

Warning: Cuntains Cheryl. THere are no topics, only boils. Also guest vists from Meturd and Carlos from Yucatan.

YR852 Til I Prolapse

Now today’s show is one I am very proud of.

Fat Yeast Lady

YR849 Be Nice To Mary Makatukulu

A Doozy of a Helen Gurley Brown clip turday.

Me angry.

Duh election wake-up call AGAIN!


Thanks for the $!

YR846 Thank Goodness!

Imagine the day that’s totally Wicked Witch free!

YR845 And the meteoroid is a stone that’s devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee.

Deconstruction of the Rovian McBloat candidacy move. Please listen and comment! It’s important.

Vice PResidential Candiate Sara Palin Sarah Palin Sara Paylin palin