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Bicyclemark is my guest.
More of Helen Gurley-Brown’s pro-rape soliloquies.

YR835 My Helen Gurley Brown Hurts and Smells

Helen Gurley Brown. LYPS. China. Vera‘s wedding.

idiot whore helen gurley brown in ugly prune lamet

YR771 Madge is Insane. Guests Chris Weagel and Max Keiser

Where fart art thou bloated lesbian?
vagina power yeast infection

Guests include
Chris Weagel
Max Keiser
Show Notes:

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YR765 Berbacia Clemons Beryl Nader and Ralph Maudling and Antivir

Antivera joins me as we try a new live streaming web sike. Justinfeed, A strip club dj who won’t strip, and someone at work joins us too.
And Berbacia tells us about her Rodney Kings moment.

ANd Straight Chris eats out Norman Finkelstein

UPDATE: I’ve never seen more Twitterds agree on something to this extent.

YR758 Bicylemark on the FISA Bill, Gold, and More. Also Auntie Vera is abused.

bicyclemark of
Auntie Vera

NOTE TO AUNTIE VERA: please email me [email protected] I cunt find your email.

YR743 It’s the Environment, Stupid!

guests: Bicyclemark and Chris Weagel

links from bicyclemark:
International Herald Tribune Audio News
NEwsdesk from the Guardian
Mixed Greens from EWG
Living Planet from DeutscheWelle,2142,3072,00.html

mona trotsky by fashion sloerie

“Mona Trotsky” by Fashion Sloerie