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YR1018 You don’t even want to know what it took me to get here here.


YR979 Three and a Half Hours of Lady Gaga’s Panty Pooping

Not many people know that Lady Gaga is a panty pooper. Cheryl was doing some investurdgating reporting for Oprahgail and found some very inturdresting things about the Gaga, Opragail, and the new DaipeeFattay. IT’s a mess! Chris Weagel joins us to report on how Michigan is Mad Maxx. John Pee joins later on to discuss his blate.

AND ALSO Cheryoil premieres TWO new songs.

AND EVEN MORE STILL, a very exclusive sex tape of a certain fattay having some ‘cest. ‘Cest l’obise, as the Fronch say! Girls.

yr979web lady gaga lady caca oprah eat food twice binge


YR943 More on HagathurdAIDS

Gross sex addict mess

YR929 Gristle Fatty with Edemis

So this is a nice discussion with Cheryl Prolapse and eventually Chris Weagel about Gristle Fatty and other impotent topics. Lyps is good but don’t let em rule you life. I’m sixty now. Send me money via paypal. See the side bar of
Ever seen a man with edema on his penis? I have. We discuss.

YR897 Save the Planet, Save the Lesbian!!

Madge Weinstein announces her stunningly simple economic incentive plan.  Lesbians know stimuli!

NO GUESTS, VERA! (bitch)

Madge Weinstein's Economic Recovery Plan for the Universe

YR891 Welcome to the Septic Dollhouse

fat men shitting

YR888 Trailer Trash Train Wreck

Two hours and twenty minutes of pure shit. Eight Eight Eight.
Carlos from Mexico blows snot. AndAIDS wants a trailer like Vera.
Rachel is cruising Homo Depot glory holes.